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Firearms import and sales big business in DR

The DR seems to be following in the footsteps of the US with a consistent increase in sale of legal and illegal firearms. A report in Listin Diario states that some US$40 million worth of firearms has been imported in the past seven years. Although this is prohibited by a presidential decree issued in 2006, the DR sourced weapons from 22 countries around the world. The information on the continued import of firearms from 2009 to 2015 comes from the National Statistics Office.

Listin Diario reporters tried to obtain the names of the importers from the Customs Agency (DGA) but this was not released.

The year when the largest number of firearms was imported was 2013, for which ONE statistics say that US$7.78 million worth was imported, most coming from Brazil with US$5.29 million, followed by the US with US$1.72 million.

Purchases are also made in Russia, China, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Israel, Germany, Canada, Japan, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Argentina, El Salvador, United Kingdom, Mexico, Chile and Peru.

In 2006, presidential decree 309-06 banned the import of firearms, parts and munitions.

The ban was imposed in response to the increase in crime, with most cases involving firearms. At the time, the surge in violence was attributed to the increase in drug trafficking nationwide.

Attorney General Office statistics on homicides per year with firearms since 2006 are:

2006: 1,934, 2007: 1,556, 2008: 1,797, 2009: 1,651, 2010: 1,726, 2011: 1,718, 2012: 985; 2013: 1,247, 2014: 1,130 and 2015: 297.

According to the Listin Diario report, despite the ban on firearm imports, there are 43 gun stores are authorized by the government:

P.S. & Asociados, S.A., Jirisa, S.A., Inversiones Heptagono, S.A., Vega & Asociados, C x A., Armeria Metropolitana, S.A., G.L.S. Import, S.A., A.S. Oliva, C x A., Lineas Deportivas, S.A., Armeria Casa del Pueblo, S.A., Armeria del Caribe, C x A., Tejada Import, S.A., Riad & Nicolas Yunes, C x A., Armeria ERM, C x A., IVC Tecnoseguridad, S.A., Ferreteria Americana, C x A., Peralta & Cia, C x A., Guinea, S.A., German Armas Deportivas, Gavilan Sports, Armeria de Caribe, Armeria Angleca, S.A., Poligono de la Bolivar, Armeria de la Luz, Armeria Impacto, Armas M&R, Armeria Antillana, Armeria Maas, Armeria Casa del Pueblo, Tu Closet Personal, Eurofinsa, Elmes Rodriguez Paulino, Micro Sport, C x A., Armeria J.P.H., Carandai, S.A., Marino Ant. Abreu, C x A., Casa Nelson Hunting World, Tejeda Alvarez y Asoc., C x A., P.A.S. & Asociados, S.A., Clinica de Armas Marte, S.A., Nicolas Yunes e Hijos, C x A., Armas Medina Sport, S.A., Armeria Omega, C x A. and Armeria del Este, C x A.

Firearms are regulated by the Ministry of Interior and Police.

Source: DR1, Listindiario

June 20, 2016

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