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Fewer homicides in 2015

The murder rate declined by 8% last year, according to the Citizen Safety Observatory. As reported, there were 1,675 homicides from January to December 2015 compared to 1,813 in 2014, for 138 fewer reported murders or 8%. Suicides also declined, with 547 in 2015 compared to 557 in 2014. The country’s homicide rate is 16.8 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The same figures show that criminal murders nevertheless, are up 10%, with 516 murders compared to 467 in 2014. Domestic murders were up 1%, to 870 from 858. Deaths in shootouts with state security forces were down 8%, with 193 in 2015 compared to 209 in 2014. Murders by persons unknown were also down, with 96 murders in 2015 compared to 279 in this category in 2014.

Deaths in traffic accidents were up 6%, with 1,946 in 2015 and 1,855 in 2014. The rate is now 19.5 traffic accidents per 100,000 inhabitants. This is up 5% compared to 2014. December and weekends are the days with the highest traffic accident rates, with 31% occurring from 6pm to midnight, and 34% of fatal traffic accidents affecting people between the ages of 15 and 29, with 1,703 male victims and 243 female victims. A motorcycle was involved in 66% of the traffic accidents and this percentage is up 7% compared to 2014.

In 2015, the highest numbers of violent deaths occurred in January, March, June, August and December.

The Observatory also reports that crime was up 25% in the National District, with 208 cases of violent deaths in 2015 compared to 2014. Crime was also up significantly in Monsenor Nouel province (Bonao), with a 15% increase. Nevertheless, in the province of Santo Domingo, crime was down 64%.

42% of crimes were committed between 6pm and 11:59pm, with 55% on weekends.

1,531 of the victims of violent crime were men and 144 women.

Murders had increased by 10% in 2015, according to statistics from the Citizen Safety Observatory. The figures show that from January to December 2015 there were 516 murders compared to 467 in 2014. There was also an increase of 49 deaths in robbery, contracted murder and other crimes. Half of these deaths were caused by crimes committed in private spaces. For instance of the 1,675 homicides registered for last year, 870 resulted from personal problems between citizens, such as arguments over parking spaces.

Of the violent crimes, 1,306 were committed on streets, 204 in residences, and 113 in businesses.

Femicides were down in 2015 compared to the previous year. There were 144 homicides of women, of which 77 were categorized as femicides, for a 17% decline compared to 2014. The rate was at 1.5 femicides per 100,000 women in 2015, with 93 femicides reported in 2014.

Source: DR1, Eldia

Feb 24, 2016

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