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Femicides continue to increase in the DR, several women were killed in recent days including Puerto Plata

PUERTO PLATA – In recent days femicide has experienced an increase in the Dominican Republic, as daily in the tragic news spread in the media, murders and physical attacks out of passion happen against women.

The women who have been murdered by their former partners, are merely victims of sexism, intolerance and perhaps lack in our country of a true network of support for battered woman and that femicide is an epidemic and does not see concrete actions by the state to stop it, as still prosecutors are giving restraining orders or subpoenas to abused women to have them bring their attackers, and no doubt the same justice sends these women to death .

The most recent case was the independent worker Yeraldina Altagracia Gil Ramos, 40 years old, who died yesterday after she underwent surgery at the Ricardo Limardo Hospital in Puerto Plata. Her jealous ex husband, hit shot at her two times at the bus terminal located in La Javilla of Puerto Plata, when she was about to take a bus to Santiago from where she originally came.

Gil Ramos who lived in the area of Padre Granero of Puerto Plata left orphaned two children. Her executor was her ex husband Eddy Antonio Rodriguez Morales, 39 years old, who blinded by jealousy stalked her to suddenly shoot from a Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol and after that committed suicide.

Just hours before the femicide in Puerto Plata, in the Monte Adentro community in the municipality Licey al Medio in Santiago, another jealous man slaughtered his former girlfriend and then took his own life by hanging himself, as the bodies of Zoraida Morel Jiménez 35 and Eduardo Humberto Beato 43, were found inside a home by Beato’s brother. Apparently, the suicider cut the throat of his ex-wife, and then hung himself.

Last Wednesday, the National Policeman Héctor Ruiz Padilla, 30 years old, shot and killed his partner Paola Rodriguez Castro 23 years and then shot himself. This tragic event happened on the fourth floor of the apartment located in the street Carmen Hermanas Mirabal, barrio El Resbalón, del sector de Bayona (Herrera), en Santo Domingo Oeste.

Last weekend another victim of femicide was reported. It was the young Wilenia Vasquez Marte, who was murdered by her former boyfriend Alfonso Valdez, with whom they were separated for seven months, when she was dancing on the disco terrace Eli, located in the Don Pedro de Santiago community, leaving orphaned daughters of five and four years old respectively.

Also in the municipality Vicente Noble Barahona, young Ana Francisca Florian Mendez, 19, was killed by a shot in the head by her former partner Estivenson González 23 who then committed suicide.

Attacks against the ladies are not only murders since the macho behavior makes much citizens who love and conquer women to the point of swearing to love and respect for life, they are broken with physical violence as in the case of Bautista Kilmel which was savagely beaten by her former husband Freddy Osvaldo Nunez in the city of San Cristobal.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

June 7, 2016

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