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Felix Bautista receives more votes than voters

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) acknowledged that its press release on the victory of Senator Felix Bautista in San Juan de la Maguana erroneously gave the controversial engineer 160,000 extra votes. The mistake was spotted and widely shared on social media.

The JCE press release on the confirmed victory of 21 candidates for the Senate and 60 deputies, said that Bautista obtained 255,411 valid votes. However, the JCE’s Bulletin 12 gave him 85,137 votes. The total number of registered voters in the province of San Juan de la Maguana is 169,068, and Bulletin 12 says that 122,801 valid votes were cast in total.

JCE press director Felix Reyna dismissed the information as a mistake. The response from the JCE was that they had made a mistake in the press release, but not in the tally released in Bulletin No. 12.

PRM candidate Elizabeth Mateo mocked the vote count reported by the JCE in the press release saying that in San Juan de la Maguana even unborn children had voted for Bautista. Earlier this year, Bautista was voted one of the world’s most corrupt people by Transparency International.

Source: DR1, Acento

May 26, 2016

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