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Elections in Puerto Plata: delays, active proselytizing, revelry, and buying voters

PUERTO PLATA – The most awaited day for many people finally came, Sunday, May 15, when the clock struck 6:00 am the voting began at most polling stations in the municipality of Puerto Plata. Immediately, a cluster of excited citizens flocked to cast their votes in accordance with their Constitutional duty.

This was the day of the Congressional Election, Presidential, and Municipal elections. At the polling stations in Puerto Plata famous activists of different political parties were doing their job to attract voters, so the prevailing atmosphere of the elections resembled more a cockpit full of patrons.

The statistics provided by the Central Electoral Board (JCE), indicated that the municipality head about 110,346 voters registered on the electoral roll, but as always, emotions blur people’s brains not allow them to act reasonable, to the point where supporters of the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and its opposition rivals Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) on several occasions were about to go fisticuffs in a dispute over the vote of citizens with certain eye or motor impairments.

The revelry of people could be seen at polling stations that operated in schools Antera Mota, Virginia Elena Ortea, Gregorio Luperon, José Francisco Peña Gómez, Concepción Gómez Matos, also at the Palace of Justice, the Port guild and other places. Voters arrived on motorcycles, vans, taxis, SUVs and you were guarded as if they had a diplomatic dignitary when attending an international meeting.

During the process the heat increased as outside the polling stations dozens of “molotes” – groups of citizens who were offering their votes for a measly pesos, since it is no secret that the exercise of politics in the Dominican republic is the closest thing to a Persian market, while military soldiers with their rifles were keeping their tired eyes on voters.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

May 16, 2016

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