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Dumpster diver finds over a million pesos

The National Police Internal Affairs Office is investigating an alleged robbery of RD$800,000 from a garbage scavenger-recycler by Police officers in San Cristóbal.

According to the young man, who spends his time searching through the garbage for valuables at the municipal dump in the Santa Ana section of San Cristobal, he found more than a million pesos in a bag in the garbage dump. He said that police officers took RD$800,000 and only let him keep RD$318,000.

Source: DR1, Listindiario

Dec 7, 2016

UPDATE: Banco Ademi claims as theirs money found in garbage dump

San Cristóbal prosecutor Diomeris Soto has confirmed that a branch of the Banco Ademi in San Cristóbal has submitted a claim for an unspecified amount of money. The claim is being linked to the around a million pesos that a garbage scavenger, Darlin Franco, reportedly found at the Doña Ana garbage dump in San Cristóbal.

The case went public when the scavenger complained that the police had taken RD$500,000 of the money that he said he had found in a black plastic bag at the dump, as reported in Diario Libre.

The newspaper reports that Lieutenant Colonel Jose de Oleo Herrera, Mayor Jose Francisco Valera and Captain
Luis Medrano are under arrest at the San Cristobal police headquarters in connection with the case.

Police spokesman General Nelson Rosario said that the Police would soon be making a public announcement on the results of the investigation.

Source: DR1

Dec 10, 2016

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