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Dominican Republic beaches: free access vs tourism

Santo Domingo.- While the members of a special Senate commission defend a bill to regulate the management and citizen’s access to rivers, lakes, lagoons and beaches, business leaders warned that as conceived, the proposed legislation would jeopardize tourism.

Senator Jose Rafael Vargas said Thursday those who’re opposed don’t know the bill in depth.

Representatives from the National Business Council (CONEP), National Hotels and Tourism Association (ASONAHORES), Commercial Banks Association and the Dominican Housing Builders and Promoters Association (Acoprovi) attended the debate over the initiative.

Vargas said the bill complies with the Constitution, which stipulates that those resources are freely available to the public.


Business representatives warn that free access to hotel beaches would be detrimental to the tourism industry and in their view lead to a high level of insecurity.

The Constitution states that rivers, lakes, lagoons, beaches and national coasts are of public domain and of freely access, but with respect for private property.

It states that the law will regulate the conditions, access and easements via which individuals can access, enjoy or manage those areas.


The initiative aims to establish the regulatory framework for the management and access of individuals to rivers, lakes, lagoons, beaches and national coasts.

The proposed legislation also reiterates the constitutional right to free access and to ensure it, obliges the owners of adjacent properties to respect the easements established by law.

Source: DT

July 15, 2016

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  1. Stocker

    This is just about hotels trying to grab beaches and make them private to the detriment of local people and tourists from outside the All Inclusive hotels. Talking about insecurity if they remain public is just another attempt to spread the myth that life outside the AIs is full of terrible danger.

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