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Dominican military purged 32 senior officers

Dominican Republic.- Two Dominican Air Force colonels were fired but not charged in connection with a drug trafficking ring operating between Colombia, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, where 32 senior officers have been bounced out of the military during the last three months.

Col. Ruben Dario Jimenez Rivera and Lt. Col. Freddy Pérez Quiñones were assigned to the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD) where they were allegedly involved in drug trafficking.

After a military investigation the Defense Ministry placed Jimenez Rivera on forced retirement and fired Pérez Quiñones without pay.

The probe determined that Pérez Quiñones and Air Force lieutenant Jose Ernesto Rosario Valdez coordinated the contacts at airports for incoming and departing aircraft loaded with drugs.

Quoted by, the investigative report said the ring included military, contracted pilots and rented aircraft to transport major hauls of cocaine from South America to Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

The investigation found that Pérez Quiñones held phone conversations with the Dominicans and alleged drug traffickers Gabriel Antonio Hernandez Peña (Camaro), Joaquín Díaz Núñez (Suzuki), Rafael Santos Peralta (Mechita), Ramon Antonio Sánchez Guzmán (El Gallo) as well as with Colombian Alejandro Romero, Cristofer Moises Romero and Erwin Montesino Peña, all accused by the authorities in connection to the criminal organization.

The probe found that Rivera Jimenez, in addition to being linked to Pérez Quiñones, helped two drug traffickers smuggle a suitcase full of cocaine into a container of XL Airways France airlines, at Punta Cana International Airport.

With the expulsion of the colonels a total of 32 senior officers have been bounced out of the military in the last three months for alleged links to drug trafficking and money laundering organizations.

However, none of the officers identified and fired have been prosecuted by military justice.

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Feb 9, 2016

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