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Discomfort and chaos due to paralyzed construction works in the historic center of Puerto Plata

PUERTO PLATA – Puerto Plata citizens can not hide their great displeasure regarding the snail speed with which the reconstruction of the streets in the historic center of Puerto Plata has been going. It started over a year ago, and still is in an impassable abandoned state.

To review this issue, the university professor Roque De León Borbón, said that “the center of Puerto Plata, is a mandatory place for our national and foreign visitors. About two years and two months ago, they attempted to pave its streets, but soon stopped the works, abandoned the site, which are now in a complete disorder, showing full disregard for the people and businesses. “
León Borbón criticized that work is paralyzed by lack of resources, and that the authorities responsible for this are not giving any explanation. It is hurting to see how tourists and locals are trying to pass through these streets, facing many dangers including holes without any warning signs.

The lawyer Patricia Reyes Marmolejos expressed  her dissatisfaction with the disaster, which can be summarized as “embarrassment”.

Similarly, the citizen Denis Lantigua Almonte, visibly angry said that the authorities and those responsible for this work “are abusers and lazy, as what they have done with the few businesses in this area is disrespectful, and the worst part is that they do not give any explanation and simply start chopping the streets in the same arrogant way … and then everything has been paralyzed since November. “

Lantigua Almonte reminded the authorities that everything in life has its limits and people get tired of abuses and outrages. He also reiterated that Constructora Global y el Ministerio de Turismo have abused traders and residents in the center of Puerto Plata as they have done in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo as well. So we all wonder as to how long the abuse will continue”.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital
Jan 27, 2016

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