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Dead cow and the gringo – Dominican ‘justice’

(Translated from German)
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This article was written by a resident of La Mulata, Sosua

… On Easter Saturday, a free running herd of cows was blocking my vehicle and I hit one of the animals, probably fatally. I reported the incident to the police. On June 27th (2016), three months after the incident, I was detained and released only on Monday, July 4, against the payment of the deposit of RD $ 50,000, in addition to the imposition of an exit ban and a monthly reporting requirement in fiscal, on free foot. The damage to my car will not be reimbursed. Currently, 2 lawyers filed on my defense.

I have appeared several times in front of the judge to bring the cow owner to justice. As everyone is innocent, I expect to be acquitted. However somehow, all the guns are being pointed at me, which the local legal system allows to happen. There are complaints against the judge, one arrest order against the “gringo” because of a dead cow (at least 1,500,000 pesos) addressed to the farmers, the criminal murder threat, slander and defamation, and civil law.

A possible victory could however be a Pyrrhic victory, because who wins against a Dominican, is often ends up dead.

And it is likely that only the lawyers win. I’ve been offered to pay for 5 dead cows, 15 stolen cows, RD $ 48,000 each cow, and they would not bother me further. But I can not raise these funds, the acceptance would mean the farmers will keep having their cows in La Mulata, as freely as they want.

I really lack the support of many like-minded people in  La Mulata to establish a cow free zone. The dispute is expected to cost RD $ 120,000, it would be an amount of less than RD $ 500 from each resident. I opened a blog on FB to inform the crowd of residents. Maybe I can make a difference with it.

I give myself a little hope, because accidents with cows are very common here e.g. cows are driven over at night time because they float without supervision. One will not do anything about it until he/she personally gets affected. Just ask those who had to retrieve a cow from a pool, or those whose plants were destroyed by herds in front of their property.

Normally, a house or land, surrounded by herds of cattle are sold at much less price. Cow owners use someone else’s land for grazing animals for free.

So once again we show how in reality weak and vulnerable our gringo community is. Something has to change. If only we could get together and show our backbone to send a signal to Dominicans that we do not put up with such crap. We should choose a leader among us to be our voice.  Only united we are strong!!

Editor’s note: Whether or not that deposit will be refunded is also questionable, as the money mostly silted up in court channels between lawyers, prosecutors, and judges. Thus, in this country one should always give a great importance to relationships of good people – the best protection against shysters and their shysters!

Source: Karibik-news

July 23, 2016

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