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Danilo Medina weak points: corruption and insecurity

According to the latest Greenberg-Diario Libre poll, corruption and insecurity are the weakest points in President Danilo Medina’s re-election bid in May 2016. The poll shows Medina in the lead with 55% to 34% for Luis Abinader. 85% of eligible voters told the pollsters that crime is up compared to 2015, 74% would like to see a debate between the presidential candidates, Dominicans are divided over migration issues with Haitians, and unemployment and corruption are the two leading concerns for voters.

Diario Libre points out that this is the first time that corruption is a main concern. 37% of Dominicans said it was one of their main concerns, a considerable increase from 16% in the poll taken when Medina ran for the presidency in 2012. 81% of eligible voters say that corruption has worsened in the country. This perception is 9% higher than in the 2012 polls. 55% expressed disapproval for the Medina administration’s record on administrative corruption. 20% of the electorate believes that Medina is corrupt, compared to 12% who believe that his leading political rival Luis Abinader is corrupt.

The main concerns for Dominicans are unemployment (39%), corruption (37%), crime (28%), drug trafficking and drugs (22%), cost of living (21%), health (21%), Haitian immigration (10%) and blackouts (6%).

Diario Libre pollsters said that 25% of those polled said they were unemployed.

Source: DR1, Diariolibre

March 1, 2016

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