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Criminalizing abortion sends Dominican Republic ‘to the Middle Ages’

Santo Domingo.- UN country coordinator on Friday that the criminalizing abortion without excepting some cases in addition to being a tragedy and legal incoherence, violates international agreements and treaties.

“The UN’s position in this respect cannot be other than what it is. To me this news gave me an infinite unease and deep sadness,” Jimenez said.

He said the decision violates the human rights of nearly half the Dominican population, made up of women, girls and adolescents. “To us it also seems an involution, a significant step backward in terms of social policies; I think it takes the Dominican Republic back to the age when the previous Penal Code was established, in 1885, and even before the Middle Ages.”

The UN official said the decision to approve the Penal Code without including causes for abortion, instead of prospering, will continue to lead to loss of lives in adolescents in the country that will have to resort to illegal abortions.

Source: DT

Dec 17, 2016

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