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Closing times for Sosua bars and restaurants extended

Tuesday afternoon, September 27 there was a press conference in the conference room of the City Hall of Sosúa. Mayor Ilana Neumann, director of tourism Lorenzo Sancassani, colonel Brito of the tourist police and councilors were present and all the business people of Sosua were invited.

The mayor explained that the municipality is running a  campaign to make Sosua, as seaside resort more attractive for tourism. For this reason, the City Council, in consultation with the police and the tourist office decided to extend the closing times for the bars and restaurants. From Sunday to Wednesday this will be until 1 AM. From Thursday to Saturday this will be 3 AM. The curfew times are thus extended by one hour.

The new rule goes into effect starting Thursday, Oct 6th, 2016

Source: Ayuntamiento Municipal de Sosúa, Sosua News

Sep 29, 2016

COMMENTARY:  (By one of the locals)

Look at the Picture – this is the very pack of bullies who decided to change the hours to something illegal and stupid in the 1st place!! with the same lame justification “We want to turn Sosua into a Sea-side resort”. So re-adjusting the crazy closing hours back “a little” towards what they used to be, is nothing but SUBTLE ADMITTANCE that they screwed with the economy in the 1st place (and bullied business owners to close their businesses according to their evil plan!).

Have the Municipality/Bullies managed to chase away all the prostitutes, street kids, hustlers and beggars? No there are more here than ever – and they are more desperate than ever! as no replacement jobs were created. This municipality don’t really want to get rid of the prostitution anyway (as seen by their actions) otherwise they would warn the prostitutes about lengthier arrests if they were ever seen in town again – this is not being done as then they couldn’t get the prostitutes to find more money from Tourists. So the only conclusion is that with the raised fees for the girls to be released, the Municipality must be getting a part of the “extorted” amount that the police gets out of each girl “their new business model”.

When the Municipality/Bullies pathetically let their police force hunt prostitutes 24/7 rather than focusing on real law enforcement, how much does the “Sea Side Resort of Sosua” receive? The prostitutes are now extorted for even more cash than ever (up to RD4000,- the girls say) – or the ladies has to perform sexual favors on the officers to be released from jail to return to their kids.

Actions that need to be taken:  The prostitutes and business owners should file criminal cases against this Municipality, their team members and involved police officers! – if that doesn’t work, then the people should rise up together, the way they would in i.e. Thailand and many other countries where they wouldn’t tolerate this kind of crap!

Isn’t this entire scam just involuntary slavery of prostitutes orchestrated by the Municipality/Police? This government knows that by having the Police re-release the girls, then these girls will desperately look for more money from the Sex Tourists, only to be re-captured again soon for further extortion. What kind of Government allows their forces to turn a blind eye to (or join) thousands of crimes, to instead engage in this daily hunt for sex-tourist cash?

How does this Municipality/Police scare off our tourists?  1) By arresting desperate prostitutes in front of the tourists, or by chasing prostitutes down streets in front of tourists, and by creating a nervous situation for the prostitutes where they are staring out the doors of bars to watch the police, begging the tourists to walk her to the next bar.   2) Having bars being shut down at midnight and the Police herding people out of the streets when he/she was just ready to have a great night out – tourists being bullied directly by Police   3) By forcing businesses to erect shutters, so no one can look either in or out of the bars – tourists like people watching like in Spain or elsewhere!   3) By not assisting tourists getting justice when serious situations occur    4) By Police outright extorting tourists on either streets or at ATM’s (Theft by abusing their uniform/power). Again who’s really destroying our economy here in Sosua?

Author:  Anonymous

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