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Campaign for the May 15th elections begins

As you might known, on May 15th the elections for a new municipal, provincial and national government will be held. The Dominicans will elect a new mayor and president on the same day. The candidates to become the mayor of Sosúa are Ilana Neumann, Willy Olivences (El Chamo), and Melania Guzmán (La Rubia).

Especially on weekends, the candidates visit all the neighborhoods of Sosúa, followed by their supporters in a long line of honking cars and mopeds. Some supporters of a political party apparently do not hesitate to use illegal means to show the counter party’s candidate in a bad light. Setting fire to the landfill and false accusations are just some examples. What is striking is that none of the candidates has a proper election program. It is not clear what the political parties want to achieve for Sosúa after the elections. Last Sunday afternoon on the parade ground of the Air Force base there was a music festival organized for the glory of Ilana Neumann. With such a musical feast with many popular artists you win of course the hearts of your voters. In El Batey (tourist center) you will not see much of this ‘circus’, because here few potential voters live. Foreigners are not allowed to vote, not even if they have lived for 40 years in the Dominican Republic.

Source: Sosua News

April 18, 2016

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