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Brampton vacationers recall legal nightmare during Dominican trip

It was a vacation from hell.

Angela Bauer and her boyfriend Collin Scott walked through the arrivals gate inside Pearson Airport, realizing their all-inclusive vacation in the Dominican Republic almost cost them their freedom.

“Literally, we’re in another country and no one is helping us right now,” Angela recalled.

The Brampton couple was staying at a resort in Punta Cana, when they were left to fend off charges after wrongfully accusing someone of harassment.

On Sunday, the pair, along with their friend Andrew, confronted a man they believed had sexually harassed two other girls who were staying at the same resort. They eventually realized it was the wrong person, and apologized. But to the man, who they say was in the local military, an apology wouldn’t suffice.

“He didn’t care, he called the police,” Angela said. “Apparently you can charge somebody over there for wrongfully accusing someone.”

While their friend Andrew was released to return back to Canada, the couple was brought to a nearby police station, and Collin spent four hours in jail.

“There were blood stains all over the wall, pee on the floors, bugs everywhere, and they’re coming in taking pictures just laughing at me,” he explained.

Angela was also charged for swearing.

“Honestly it was a nightmare, you travel somewhere and the Canadian embassy does not help you,” she said.

They were eventually released and sent back to the hotel, but officials were still persistent on pressing charges.

Terrified, the pair barricaded themselves in their room, and contacted a local lawyer who told them there was one way out.

“The lawyer said if you guys don’t pay this money right now in cash, you’re not going home,” Angela said.

Back home in Brampton, Collin’s mom, Jody, was frantically looking to bail out the two.

“I don’t know what to do, you feel powerless,” she explains. “Then you call the government and they could offer no help.”

Collin’s uncle came to the couple’s rescue, paying the $3,000 for their release.

“They threw numbers back and forth, literally over coffee in front of the police station,” Angela explains.

When asked how they’ll remember the trip, Collin said “I’m not, I really don’t want to.”


June 2, 2016

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