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Belgium’s large newspaper “Het Nieuwsblad N” published a story about the alleged lack of authority that exists in the Dominican Republic

PUERTO PLATA – The newspaper “Het Nieuwsblad N” which is the largest in Belgium, published a story about the alleged lack of authority that exists in the Dominican Republic, referring to the murder of a native woman, who died stabbed in a confusing incident that has not yet been resolved.

In the Belgian newspaper it was said, that the investigation of the murder of Mrs. Marina Muls (Belmus) of 71-year-old who died last summer (2016) in the Dominican Republic, threatens to kill a sizzle as it is not the first murder of a foreign citizen on the exotic island that remains unresolved.

It said that during the last decade, four Belgian were killed, but none of these cases were elucidated, while survivors feel abandoned and supposedly “the police made no effort to find the murderer because they were only interested in the money “.

The murder of Marina Muls happened last summer, however, there was an insurmountable obstacle to Dominican investigators mystery because according to Alain Huybrechts, son of the murdered lady, his mother was caught by surprise at night, when a thief broke into her apartment that Sunday night while she was asleep with a going TV, he stabbed her three times to death.

Huybrechts said the screams of their wounded mother alerted two Belgian neighbors who came too late to save the woman, but allegedly managed to see her murderer who was identified a week later by a sniffer dog who ran straight into the man’s house, and the man looked exactly like the escaping murderer described from the words of witnesses.

Alain said that “although he was arrested by the authorities the alleged perpetrator of the murder of his mother identified as Melvin D, 31, but he was released after spending several weeks in jail in Puerto Plata and that was due to the corruption in the Dominican Republic, that always stops any investigation. ”

In the review, the newspaper said the five killed Belgian citizens were Roger Van Den Branden 70, Eddy Raes 53, Luc Vandormael 58, Julien Van Esbroeck 54, Marina Muls 71 years old all had left Belgium to start a new life in the tropical paradise and benefited from the sun, the beach and the opportunities that new land could give them, but unfortunately they got killed.

Finally, the publication considers that the Dominican Republic is a “safe destination” although we must be on guard against petty crime and the weakness of the Dominican justice, so that this week the foreign minister of Belgium, Didier Reynders, said that late October he would visit the country to try to encourage the Dominican police and judiciary to continue investigation of the killings of his countrymen.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

Oct 13, 2016

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