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Amet breaking the law, chaos in vehicle registration

The question seems to be: Can the Metropolitan Transport Authority sell the impounded vehicles? But looking beyond the surface, what emerges is that hundreds of thousands of vehicles and motorcycles are on the streets without the correct documentation.

The Institutionalism and Justice Foundation (FINJUS) is warning the Metropolitan Transport Authority (AMET) and the Public Prosecution Service that it is against the law for them to sell vehicles and motorcycles that have been impounded. The authorities have announced that if the lawful owners do not present documentation, they will be sold in 21 days.

Finjus says that the law says they have to hand over the vehicles to the owners as recorded in the Taxation Office (DGII), but if the owners do not pay the fines within six months, then they can sell them, but not after only three weeks.

Finjus goes on to say that the Constitution and the Constitutional Court lay down that the penalty for those who infringe traffic laws is a fine not the confiscation of their vehicle, which can only be implemented if the vehicle has no registration; that is, if it has no number plate, if the chassis number has been altered or deleted, or if it has an illegal number plate.

El Nuevo Diario journalists said that it appears that many owners are not going to AMET to reclaim their vehicles because they don’t have the correct registration or documentation. In some cases, the vehicle was bought at a financial intermediary that went out of business. The AMET requires owners to show an original registration from the DGII and a valid driver’s license.

Amet spokesman Diego Pesqueira says that the public prosecution can act in the case of vehicles that do not have the correct documentation and have given the supposed owners 21 days to show up with the original registration papers. If they do not turn up, Amet says it will proceed to ask the DGII to cancel the registration according to Law 241-67.

AMET has several centers where motorcycles and vehicles are kept, in Villa Mella, Avenida Independencia with Maximo Gomez near the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Autopista San Isidro near Tienda La Sirena, on Presidente Vasquez near the intersection with Av. San Vicente de Paul in Santo Domingo Este, and at the Canodromo El Coco on the Av. Monumental in Santo Domingo North, along with several sites in other parts in the country.

Source: Dr1, Elnueavodiario

Feb 3, 2016

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