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Again smoke from fire in the landfill in Puerto Plata causes inconvenience to traffic and tourism

PUERTO PLATA – Once again the municipal landfill that was named by the public as “The Volcano Maggiolo” yesterday caught on fire and generated dense smoke affecting visibility in traffic on the road Puerto Plata – Maimon, also affecting operations at the Amber Cove cruise terminal.

With the new fire and smoke in the giant trash bin that works in the open, dozens of citizens felt that it was enough of this embarrassment at the entrance of the resort town of Puerto Plata, while the authorities only talk but they have not done anything concrete to solve the problem.

In this aspect, it is recalled that the municipal landfill and sanitation of the public market in Puerto Plata have been the most important works announced by the current mayor Walter Musa Meyreles, who just yesterday was sworn in position for another four years, with which will play a decade in front of the council of “the Bride of the Atlantic”.

It is recalled that two years ago (in 2014), the city of Puerto Plata through then in charge of transportation, engineer Carlos Andrés González, who now heads the department of urban planning, reported alleged economic costs that exceeded 8 million weights in the placement of PVC pipe for building ventilation gases produced by the landfill to prevent accumulation also planting of hundreds of bamboo trees to beautify the entrance to the landfill, but those jobs “did not stand with ball “.

Similarly, it is noted that whenever the municipal executive is questioned about the problems representing the landfill opencast at the entrance of Puerto Plata, the official only says that supposedly the council does not have sufficient financial resources to transfer the waste deposit and is awaiting an assistance from the government to build a new landfill with which according to him, the problem would be resolved.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

Aug 17, 2016

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