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Abinader proposals for 2016-2020

Presidential candidate Luis Abinader of the PRM is basing his proposals on restructuring the government institutions to eliminate some agencies and create others to enable the development of other programs, such as in the case of transport, reports Diario Libre. A high priority is police reform to increase security. His key proposals include:

Security: Reform the Police with a RD$22 billion budget to increase wages of starting rank from RD$7,029 to RD$22,600, colonels from RD$23,500 to RD$130,000 and generals from RD$37,300 to RD$210,000. Create a National Council of Public Security. Submit the Police to a gradual process to rid the institution of corruption, crime and complicity. Strengthen Police links with communities, increase patrols and implement a nationwide street lighting program.

Education: Improve living conditions of teachers through better wages linked to inflation. Strengthen teachers’ skills. Implement an Open Schools program for a closer relationship with the community. Increase access to pre-schools for children under the age of four. Encourage all children to stay in school for at least eight years. Incorporate program for working adults. Start a tri-part program to certify, accredit and evaluate Dominican universities. Restructure extended day schools. Install solar panels in schools. Guarantee Internet access for all public schools.

Health: Increase the health budget to 3.5% of GDP in four years. Funding for poor people to receive medicines through Senasa. Organize the primary health care level nationwide. Expand medical coverage. Affiliate 90% of Dominicans and foreigners residing legally in the country to the social security system.

Economy: Create a “My First Job” program. Reduce costs and time for operation of companies. Improve efficiency of government spending. Remove slums from tourism destinations. Maintain stable macroeconomic environment. Create a fund for entrepreneurs under the age of 40.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

May 11, 2016

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