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A peaceful protest in Sosua

Almost all the spokesmen of the various business associations in Sosúa called on everyone to take part in a peaceful demonstration Wednesday morning, August 31st at 9 am. The protest was against the curfew regulation that bars and restaurants have to close on weekdays at midnight and weekends at 2 AM. It chases many tourists away. It is obvious every evening what these early closing times caused to Sosúa. The main nightlife street Pedro Clisante is deserted and desolated. Sales for the various businesses in Sosúa have now dropped dramatically. In addition, also some 200 employees are out of work because of these measures.

All businesses of the association ‘la Asociación de Comerciantes del Batey Sosúa’ (ASOCOBAS) took part. These are taxi companies, public transportation, motoconchos, tour operators, bar and restaurant owners, housewives association and souvenir shops owners.

Hundreds of local businesses held a protest action at the crossroads at Supermercado Playero. Traffic could ample pass the intersection.
A truck with a big public address system was parked on the sidewalk from which leaders of the protest action addressed to the protesting people. One of the speakers was Fabio Garcia, the famous anchorman of the TV program Detrás del Rumor, who held a flaming speech. He pointed out that the government measures have brought many businesses in Sosúa on the brink of bankruptcy. As of June 8, the closing times for the bars and restaurants changed to midnight on weekdays and 2 AM on weekends. The months-long work on the sidewalks in the tourist season wasn’t inviting either. Four establishments have been closed unnecessarily by the government. For the closure, there was not much nightlife left in the village.

The unnecessarily harsh action by the tourist police (CESTUR) against women walking alone scared off many tourists. Sosúa seems like a police state. Also, the closure of the Pedro Clisante for traffic in the evening has deterred many visitors to visit because of lack of parking facilities. All these measures apply only to Sosúa and not for tourist centers such as Cabarete, Punta Cana and Puerto Plata. The demonstrators carried signs with them which texts like ‘Down with Lorenzo Sancassani’, ‘down with the CESTUR’, ‘we want respect’, ‘we are not prostitutes or pimps, ‘we want a municipal police’, ‘why no closing times for Cabarete?’ At the end of the protest the president of the Association of entrepreneurs of Sosúa (ASOCOBAS) called for a peaceful dialogue with the government. He said he would soon consult with mayor Ilana Neumann, commanders of police and military, justice and tourism, in order to reach a solution for the problems.

Source: Sosua News

Sep 1, 2016

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