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A Canadian man, Sosua’s resident, was murdered in his apartment

A Canadian man, Sosua's resident, was murdered in his apartment

Sosúa.- Today, past midnight a lifeless body of a resident of Canadian origin, was found tied by the hands and feet with bed sheets and cloths inside his apartment on the street David Sten.

The victim was identified as Leo Frank Boulanger, 75-year-old, Canadian. He was in his apartment located on the second floor of the Spanky’s Bar.
According to the diagnosis of Mario Cesar Lopez, a medical examiner, the victim died of asphyxiation, he was strangled with the sheet. According to data obtained by, a security camera caught 2 individuals, so far unidentified, who came by a motoconco and at 12:10 am entered the room. After committing their act, they turned off the lights of the hall trying to avoid being caught on surveillance camera on departure.
It is presumed that a mobile phone was stolen. The victim had been living with a girlfriend. She is detained for interrogation.

Source: Detras del Rumor

April 5, 2016
UPDATE: Police and CESTUR apprehend the two murderers of the Canadian citizen

Sosúa.- Members of the Preventive Police of this city in joint effort with CESTUR  arrested the two murderers on the same day – two young men who allegedly confessed to having been responsible for the death of Leo Frank Boulanger, Canadian citizen, 75 years of age.

The suspects were identified as Pablo Antonio Castillo Cabrera, 30 years old and Froilangel Caves Montes, 24 years, according to the sources of, one of them is on parole for the death of another man.
The detainees are the same as those captured by the surveillance camera.

Public Prosecutor Osvaldo Bonilla stated that media have sufficient evidence to prove that both are the authors of the horrendous act and asked remand against them.

Source: Detras del Rumor

April 5, 2016
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