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A 71 year old German was kidnapped, robbed and abondoned by his own country man

A resident of Sosua, German origin, 71-year-old was kidnapped at 6 pm Thursday afternoon, by a friend also German and an unknown Haitian. He was robbed for money and documents and and left abandoned in a secluded area of ​​Sosua.

The victim’s name is Alfred Emil Jose, he lives in the street Camino Llibre, sector El Batey Sosua. According to the complaint, the old man picked up his friend, also German – Peter Hirmann (about 50 years old) at 3:30 PM at the Gregorio Luperon International Airport, Puerto Plata. Alfred told his friend that he wants to buy a moped, his friend called him later and told him to bring 35,000 pesos, cause he had a friend who was selling a pasola. They arranged to meet up at Baileys at 6 PM. When he came to Baileys there was a Haitian guy who asked him to follow him to his house, where supposedly was a pasola. There the old man was given a drink with some substance in it, he fell asleep, when he woke up he found himself near Panorama Village without money and documents.
The complaint was made by the victim’s wife Olga Minaya, who said that her husband took 35,000 from his pension card to pay for the pasola, he also had his drivers license and a passport on him, which was also stolen.

Fortunately, he is alive, and is asking if someone finds his documents to return for a reward.

The police was informed about the incident, no one was yet arrested.

Source: Detras del Rumor

May 7, 2016

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