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60,000 police and military agents will be deployed on the streets on election day

According to Central Electoral Board (JCE) president Roberto Rosario, 60,000 police and military agents will be deployed on the streets to guarantee peace and order during Election Day on 15 May 2016. They will initially be responsible for taking the ballot boxes, cases, scanners and fingerprint reading machines to ensure that citizens can vote and then returning the ballot boxes to the JCE.

He also called on security workers to be tolerant of citizens during the day as if they made an error of judgment there could be fatal consequences that could also destabilize the whole electoral process.

Rosario stressed that electoral fraud was a thing of the past as voting would no longer be manual. He mentioned the great amount of resources that have been invested in the use of new technology to ensure that the democratic process was followed for the sake of the national interest. He pointed out that on Election Day, the Electoral Military Police would not be taking orders from officials, politicians or the government or opposition, only from the JCE.

Source: DR1, Elnacional

April 5, 2016

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