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10% of Dominicans are gay

Santo Domingo.- US ambassador James W. Brewster affirmed Wednesday that despite many Dominicans turn a blind eye to the LGBT community’s existence, estimates from statistics show that 10% of the Dominican population form part of that community.

“And make no mistake, there are people in this room whom have friends and relatives who are gay and instead of embracing them for what they represent as people, you are completely ignoring their sexual orientation, as if they didn’t exist,” Brewster said in his speech before the American Chamber of Commerce annual Thanksgiving luncheon.

He called Dominicans’ attitude on that issue a mystery that he will never understand.

The diplomat said he becomes stronger when he’s the object of insults calling him a “pajaro (bird) (queer), housewife or imperialist.”

“I think that if you are insulted enough and publicly with words like “bird,” or if you are called a “housewife who should stay in the house because I am a woman, or “imperialist,” your skin strengthens a little bit,” Brewster said, and announced his retirement for Jan. 20.

“I did not throw the first stone, let the record show, although I have strengthened my skin against these attacks, there are many thousands of Dominicans for whom these words affect and hurt.”

Source: DT

Nov 26, 2016

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