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Who is behind this new mining company

The Dominican government says it does not have accurate information on the composition of the company that has bought all of the shares of the Falcondo mining operation, Glencore Canada Corporation. The new company is called American Nickel Ltd. and due to the lack of information about it the government has hired an international investigation firm to find out more before authorizing its operations in the country.

An unnamed source told the El Nuevo Diario newspaper that the investigative firm is made up of retired CIA agents.

Minister of Energy and Mines Antonio Isa Conde says that American Nickel Ltd. has been slow to provide the documents required by the Dominican state as part of the conditions for carrying out mining operations in the country. He went on to say that unless the appropriate license is issued, the company would not be allowed operate in the Dominican Republic.

Very little is known about American Nickel Ltd. There is no information online, possibly due to the fact that the company was only incorporated recently.

Source: Dr1, Elnuevodiario

Nov 17, 2015

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