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Water crisis deepens

This year, the reservoirs at the Tavera-Bao dams have reached their lowest levels in their history and if things do not improve, the water shortage in Santiago will only get worse.

In response to the water deficit crisis, the Santiago Corporation of Aqueducts and Sewers (Coraasan) has divided the city into different sectors in order to ration water use.

Meanwhile, Alberto Holguin, director of the National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewers (Inapa), has warned that if there is no rain, the water available in the system in Santo Domingo will only last for 35 days and in Santiago there may be only enough water for 90 days. He noted that the water levels in streams, rivers and reservoirs in the Dominican Republic are the lowest INAPA has recorded over the last few years.

Alejandro Montas, from the Santo Domingo water company, CAASD, said that 54% of the water they provide to consumers is wasted and that in Greater Santo Domingo each person uses 425 liters of water a day, which is an alarmingly high rate of water use. He expressed his frustration that there appears to be a lack of awareness of the rational use of water in the general population. He said that each cubic meter of water costs CAASD RD$30 and yet our customers pay only RD$6, resulting in the average monthly water bill being RD$250. Montas suggested that water tariffs be adjusted to reflect the real cost of water to the population.

Source: DR1, Hoy

July 29, 2015

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