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Traffic police (AMET) working overtime

The traffic police (AMET) has been very active in SosĂșa in the last few weeks with the fining of bikers who drive around without valid documents or without a helmet. Also bikers who run in the wrong direction on one-way street are fined. However, the bike is no longer confiscated (if you can show the ownership documents) and the fine can be paid at a local bank. AMET also fines a lot of car owners, driving around without a valid Marbete. AMET is indeed super active, they even patrol on Sunday morning. This is unique because the AMET has the habit to work only during office hours with an ample lunch break. The officers found a new spot at Perdomo in the Pedro Clisante somewhat hidden to catch traffic offenders.
We also saw AMET patrol in side alleys. So put your helmet on when you using your bike or scooter and do not forget your stick the Marbete on the windscreen of your car. The AMET is everywhere and fines everybody.

Source: Sosua News

Dec 18, 2015

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