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Traffic jams getting worse in Santo Domingo

According to a report in El Dia, the traffic jams in Santo Domingo have become worse over the last few months for some inexplicable reason and some areas have become practically impossible to drive through, such as the roads going from east to west.

In the afternoon, driving from 27 Febrero to Maximo Gomez Avenue and then to Antonio Guzman Fernandez (La Privada), can take around 50 minutes and even more if the driver takes Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Tiradentes, Ortega and Gasset or Nunez de Caceres avenues.

The newspaper points out that several government institutions exist to deal with transport and traffic including the General Office of Ground Transport (OTTT) and the Metropolitan Transport Authority (Amet) but none are displaying the leadership to come up with an effective plan to sort out the traffic jams.

National District Mayor Roberto Salcedo has suggested that Amet take charge.

The report mentions other factors affecting the traffic like the so-called VIP routes for government officials and they are closed to normal traffic when the VIPs wish to travel. The VIPs include the President and Vice President, the ministers of Defense and Interior and Police, the head of the National Police, the president of the National Drug Control Agency and around a dozen other ministers.

Source: DR1, Eldia

Oct 28, 2015

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