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Toll money finances 10 roadworks

The Banco de Reservas trust, which is funded by the takings of all the highway tolls in the country except for the privatized Samana highway (Juan Pablo II) has contributed to the construction of 13 roadworks, including bypasses, underpasses and road repairs, since its creation in late 2013.

As reported in Hoy, the department under the Ministry of Public Works expects to collect RD$2 billion for these works by the end of 2015.

Architect Eyla Vargas Espanol said that the funds have been used for the construction of the Juan Bosch Bypass, the underpasses at 27 de Febrero and Presidente Antonio Guzman (Privada) and Charles de Gaulle with Carretera Mella, and the improvements and expansion of Las Americas Expressway at the Boca Chica-La Caleta stretch. These two have been completed.

It has also funded the expansion of Av. Republica de Colombia, Padre las Casas-Bohechio mountain road, Maimon-Puerto Plata road expansion (2.8 km have been completed), Enriquillo-Pedernales road, San Juan-Sabaneta, Circunvalacion San Juan and the Azua highway.

She said that the trust receives around RD$6 million a day from the 10 tolls, with most of the takings coming from Las Americas with around RD$1 million per day, or 15.6% of the total. An average of 22,000 vehicles use this toll.

Other tolls are the Duarte Highway (9.9%), La Romana 12.3%, El Coral I 9.6%, El Coral II 12.7%, 6 de Noviembre 8.1%, Carretera Sanchez 10.8%, Circunvalacion Santiago 9.1%, Circunvalacion Santo Domingo I 9.0% and Circunvalacion Santo Domingo II 2.8%.

Source: DR1, Hoy

Dec 7, 2015

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