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Today bakers apply increase in price of bread

SD. Starting today, consumers will have to pay two pesos more for each unit of bread that they want to eat, because the Association of Medium and Small Bakers (UMPIH) decided to apply the increase agreed-upon last 5 March during an assembly of the bakers.

The President of the UMPIH, Francisco Capellan, said that the decision to increase the price of bread was agreed upon among the bakers over a month ago and is not been applied because they were giving an opportunity for the government to find a solution to the high costs that they are facing in this sector, but since they did not receive any call from the authorities they decided to apply the increase starting today.

“The government authorities have said that they have to find a solution to this and that they were going to meet with the bakers, but they didn’t call us,” Capellan made clear.

Given the decision taken to increase the price of bread from RD$5 to RD$7, several consumer organizations have resisted the increase and have called on the people not to consume this food for three consecutive days in order to make the bakers understand that they will not accept this price increase.

The Association of Housewives’ Committees and the Dominican Association for the Education of the Consumer warned that they would convene “three days without bread,” if the price increase by the UMPIH takes place.

The warning constitutes a continuation of the rejections to this measure, since they also called for a “Day without bread” last 24 March. The president of the Housewives Association, Ana Vertilia Cabrera, assured reporters that this protest was carried out by more than 80% of the population.

Nevertheless, faced with this situation, the president of the UMPIH (Capellan) said that this resistance always occurs during the first days following an increase, but he was sure that this is not a worry of the bakers because as the days go by the people get accustomed to the new prices and once again consume bread.

He explained that even with the price increase that will be applied to bread, this book continues being the most competitive because the people who are hungry can “eat it by itself.”

In comparison with other foods, he said that if persons exchange bread for plantains, in order to consume them, they have to peel and cook them, using gas, and besides that they have to find something to eat the plantains with.

They say it is illegal to fix prices

Given the announcement that the bakers will increase starting today the price of bread from RD$5 to RD$7 each, the director of Pro Comsumidor, Altagracia Paulino, called on consumers to substitute this food for others that are more convenient for them. In addition the president of ProCompetencia, Michelle Cohen, said that it is a crime for a company or business group to attempt to set prices, and she said that this is penalized by Law 42 – 08 in Defense of the Competition.

Source: DiarioLibre

April 6, 2015

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