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Time for Jamaica to break relations with the Dominican Republic

If ever a country in that geographical space called the Caribbean ever proudly demonstrated its racism, if ever a country ever openly expressed anger towards its neighbour that country is the Dominican Republic. For scholars of history and cultural studies the Dominican Republic has a racial blemish only above the latent Cuban racism against its Afro population.

It is now time for Jamaica and other Caribbean countries to take active steps to deal with the Dominican Republic. A racist country and a country in our geographical sphere that has always thought itself white, believes it’s white, acts white and possesses a racist attitude towards not only its Haitian neighbours but its Haitian community entrenched inside its territory. Worse, the Dominican Republic currently wants to deport citizens born in their country only because they are of Haitian descent. Its recent rambling for mass deportation is alarming to every country that is a member of the international community.

It is good however, according to the government that the PNP administration and government will not support the Dominican Republic’s attempt to gain membership in CARICOM. That is good utterance from our government as the Dominican Republic has too long practiced apartheid, hooliganism and murder against poor, maligned people.

For those of us who do not know Caribbean history or those of us who pretend that there is not a history of events or even a historioriography of Dominican Republic abuses, let me remind you that less than 100 years ago, in fact in 1937, up to 20,000 Haitians were murdered by Dominican Republic soldiers and militiamen, flooding the Massacre river with bodies and literally turning the river red with the blood of Haitians.

Dom Rep has the notorious record of maltreatment towards its neighbour. This has been historical, going back to the 19th century. In recent years there have been many beatings and deaths of Haitians who provide the lowest class of labour to the Dominican Republic.

Defying international law, the Dominican Republic with its racist DNA is demonstrating its bully force against a weak and marginalized set of West Indians. Interestingly, the Dominican Republic treats its ethnic minorities, many of whom are beneficiaries of slavery and colonialism. The Dominican Republic showers the most receptive welcome for its Lebanese, Syrian, Jewish, German, Italian and Spanish minorities, yet it treats its Haitian minorities like they are sub-humans.

I said it is time now we break off international or bilateral relations with this country. It is an injustice to have a Caribbean neighbour with its “Spanish apartheid”.

The Dominican Republic has a written code that even when they are black, they are white so why should we deal with a country that thinks itself white, whose philosophy and psyche white, so much that Haiti, which is black, is a perpetual enemy. Jamaica does not need the Dominican Republic neither do we in modern history need to deal with people who think themselves superior, knowing deep in themselves that the blood of Africa a runs in their veins just like the other Caribbean countries.

It is my opinion that we break all ties with this apartheid country that seeks to continue to create mayhem, murder, fear and oppression for our black brothers and sisters of Haitian descent.

Winston Donald
Aboukir St Ann

Source: Caribbean News Now

June 22, 2015

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  1. Samson

    What about racism against Gringos?

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