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Three Venezuelans and 14 Dominicans indicted for fraud of Banco Peravia

SD. The Central Bank and the Superintendency of Banks filed civil suits against 17 persons accused of money laundering and an alleged fraud for more than RD $1.4 billion through the bankrupt Banco Peravia.

They are accused of violation of article 80 of the Monetary and Financial Law (183 – 02), falsifying documents, falsifying private documents and commercial documents, criminal association, abuse of confidence and fraud as well as violation of articles 1, 3, 7 and 8 of Law 72 – 02 regarding Money Laundering.

The Monetary and Financial Authority presented their complaints against the Venezuelans and the former directors of the entity José Luis Santoro, Gabriel Jimenez Aray, and Daniel Morales Santoro.

In addition they accused Nelson Serret Sugrañez, Carlos Alberto Serret Sugrañez, Jorge Serret Sugrañez, Luis Manuel Peña, Nelson Cabral Veras, Rolando Cabral Veras, Yesenia Serret, Jocelyn Leal , the authorized public accountant Génova Isabel Torres, who supposedly provided the accounting reports on more than 90% of the loans, and the notary public Moises Barinas Villalona, who allegedly legalized the fraudulent contracts, among others.

District Attorney Yeni Berenice Reynoso received of the officials of the Monetary and Financial Authority who were represented by members of the Central Bank and the Superintendency of Banks as well as lawyers Luis Miguel Pereyra, Carlos Salcedo, Francisco Alvarez, Thomas Hernandez, José Lorenzo Fermin, Manuel Peña Conce, Gregorio Garcia Villavillar, and Michel Camacho.

The investigation carried out by the Justice Department as well as the preliminary report from the Superintendency of Banks and the lawsuit filed on Monday, established that in the Banco Peravia they carried out fraudulent operations in their accounting and attempted fraudulent seeking of capital, and credit card fraud on 90% of their credit cards. Likewise, they are accused of the commission of fraud in cash operations, the fraudulent handling of deposits, identity theft, among other manifestations linked to organized crime.

The District Attorney of the National District is coordinating actions together with the Monetary and Financial Authority and other state agencies with the objective of beginning the judicial process regarding Banco Peravia. They argue that because of the number of accused, victims and the types of crimes committed, the District Attorney has established that in the Banco Peravia case they have all the characteristics of a complex process. She added that the case files of the clients do not have their signed applications, the contracts of authorization for issuing a credit card or signed receipts.

The cards

The case file and accusation indicates that the same day a credit card was issued they carried out cash withdrawals at automatic tellers for amounts equal to 50% of the limits, and between five and seven days after emission, they consumed the total amount of credit approved, without making any payments to the bank. The indictment says that between 2012 and 2014, Santoro carried out direct transfers for US$796,768, which were done from his own account.

Source: DiarioLibre

May 19, 2015

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