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Threats by Dominican Government about mass deportation – nothing but hot air!

Racism and bullying by government and their followers here in the DR continues to mess with peaceful humans lives. One has to wonder why the Dominican Government heartlessly continues to play with the so called “stateless” people?!

In the days leading up to the deadline for applying for residency through “Ministerio de Interior y Policia” we saw armed military platoons walking in the middle of highways and blocking traffic, army trucks driving throughout the country with armed forces, and Police wearing combat gear ready to deal with any resistance. Yet when the big day came for the scheduled mass deportation, we again saw that all this hype and threats, had been nothing but a political display of muscle, orchestrated to scare Haitians and foreigners, fuel the racism, and to create more income for lawyers charging fees to the poorest of the people, (People who most likely will end up being mass rejected at the end of the 45 days), given to those who did make it through the painfully slow hordes of people waiting to be processed.

Only months ago the Dominican Government came under heavy scrutiny internationally for having deported people who were born in the Dominican Republic to Haiti – a country they had never seen, had no jobs or support and of which they didn’t even know the language. These people had been refused birth certificates and Dominican ID’s, purely because they looked at least a little bit Haitian.

There has been and will be ongoing pressure coming from other nations for the Dominican Government to “do the right thing”, but the bottom line is that the Dominican government does not want too many Haitians here, only enough to build their homes and buildings and to do every hot, dirty or muscle demanding job they can’t be bothered to do themselves! Racism still thrives heavily in the DR against all foreigners, and until this shallow minded practice ends, then this country will drop further and further behind 1st world nations and keep causing human suffering. Ask any foreigner from another country, and here they all feel like they are being treated like walking ATM’s – quoted “Gringo” prices and ripped off in the most unbelievable ways! It’s said by many foreigners, that the general Dominican Culture has evolved for them to be experts on four areas: 1) Lying; 2) cheating; 3) Stealing; 4) Letting you down   (Not all of course). Also – leading up to the foreigners deportation deadline, many shallow minded Dominicans, were already arguing over who’s going to grab the foreigners homes and assets – especially the Haitians’ assets.

The Future Issue of Governments controlling our lives:  Many of our children today are a mix of 2 or more nationalities, so in another decade or so, their children will be even more mixed. How will the Nations of the World then look at an individual with i.e. 3-6 nationalities for an individual? Will these “unwelcomed subjects” be constantly rejected by several nations and become stateless? The World needs to smarten up to the fact that we allow governments worldwide to interfere far too much in our lives, controlling borders, charging taxes, ceasing people’s assets, invading our money, communication and privacy, giving out undeserved benefits and destroying world economies, so until they are brought down on their knees and dealt with, then human suffering and business destruction will continue.

“Freedom is for everyone, but not everyone is for freedom!”

Author: Anonymous

June 19, 2015

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  1. Stocker

    Hard to disagree with most of that!

  2. Samson

    Much truth here but why anonymous?

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