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Thefts and robberies continue in Puerto Plata while authorities are focused only on cruise ship tourists

PUERTO PLATA Daily in Puerto Plata thefts, robberies and other criminal activities are recorded, but authorities and state security agencies have focused their attention and efforts on the so-called “security operation” only when cruise ship comes loaded with tourists.

For example, yesterday in broad daylight, two criminals aboard of a motorcycle robbed a foreigner outside a restaurant located on Avenida del Malecon in Puerto Plata. The thieves snapped a camera and fled away.
The great irony of the situation is that security in Puerto Plata should be permanent but the authorities have focused only on actions few days before a tourist cruise ship visits this area for six or eight hours, but they have forgotten to provide security and protection to all citizens living in this province.

On this case, the current municipal councilor Emil Duran, said “those robberies happen all the time, and we can see many police and soldiers on the streets on days when a cruise liner arrives, other days it seems that there are no criminals around, so maybe in this case, people should leave their homes only on a day of cruise arrival to avoid being victims of crime.
Also, the citizen William Vasquez Brito said that “the police allows businesses serving the Chelita, other traders must be removed from the area, and that is a crime. It’s time to remove that law so that the police officers get engaged in the search for criminals instead of chasing away traders and people who come to enjoy the atmosphere.”

Source: Puerto Plata Digital
Nov 30, 2015

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  1. Alexa

    people should leave their homes only on a day of cruise arrival to avoid being victims of crime
    Now the citizens of POP live like in jail???????
    This recommendation is fabulous

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