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The second stretch of Beltway will be inaugurated on 30 June

SANTO DOMINGO. The inauguration of the greater part of the second stage of the Santo Domingo Beltway is set for 30 June. This stretch, II – A, contains an extension of 16.5 km, and connects the Duarte Highway with La Punta of Villa Mella.

In addition, it includes another 4 km of “a new Avenue” to connect the Beltway with the Antonio Guzman Avenue, and another 5 km of this Avenue have been repaired.

Engineer Raul Nazario Risek Rueda, who is in charge of the construction, reports that this second stage is being executed with an investment of some US$130 million.

Added to this new investment are the US$120 million invested in the construction of the first stage of this Highway built by the Compreica-Alba Sanchez Consortium, and which was inaugurated by President Danilo Medina, and the Minister of Public Works, Gonzalo Castillo, last 23 February.

On the other hand, the second stretch of the project is being built by the Magna S.R.L.Consortium, which is composed of Risek & Associates Construction, Moll Construction and Conidec S.R.L..

Two contracts

Reporters asked Risek Rueda why Cpmpreica-Alba Sanchez did not build the second stretch. He answered that there were two contracts, and that the first was awarded to Compreica for the construction of the first part. Regarding the second part, he said that this was “contracted long ago, from the time of Don Hipolito.”

He recognized that, the same as with the first part, the second contract was “face-to-face.” “But at that time Law 340 – 06 (on purchases and contracts) did not exist.”

Minister Gonzalo Castillo is asked, and he answered: “you will have to ask Hector Then what deal he made.”

Then is the president of Compreica Construction, and the initial owner of the contract that the administration of Hipolito Mejia gave him under the system of “grade to grade” in 2002.

Once again the minister is asked if a contract awarded by the state can be transferred. He answers: “of course it can, the law contemplates that you can transfer a contract, you can sell it completely, or you can stay with part, and transfer 50%. This is in Law 340.”

The Beltway starts in Haina, goes around Greater Santo Domingo, crossing the Duarte Highway, goes to the North, and connects with the highway from Santo Domingo to Samana (the Northeast Highway), which implies an extension of 53.6 km, and will be used to carry freight and passengers that are going to other parts of the country, without having the need to cross the urban center of Santo Domingo.

The result will be to clear some of the congestion on the streets and avenues inside the city. It is expected that for 2016 the project will be completely built.

In the past, Gonzalo Castillo had said that the in total investment estimated for the project would be some US$340 million. But at the present time, this estimate is unclear. “The final project (cost) I don’t know. But this stretch is costing between US$130 and US$140 million. But until the project is not finished, we won’t know with certainty, because within the construction we find soils with certain characteristics which require engineering solutions of one kind or another appear, which either reduce or increase the costs,” responded Castillo when he was asked regarding what would be the final cost of the project.

Connection with routes

Phase II – A of the second stretch of the Santo Domingo Beltway will connect the routes towards the South, the North and the East of the country at a speed of 100 km/h. At this maximum speed vehicles can travel its entire length without having to return to urban streets of the capital city.

“The constant growth of the commercial activity in the Dominican Republic generates necessities of connectivity between the three regions (South, North and East). As a result of this situation in the City of Santo Domingo constant traffic congestion is created as they receive thousands of heavy and light vehicles every day that are transferring passengers and merchandise to different points of the country,” justifies the Magna S.R.L. consortium. The II stretch of the project also includes phases II – B and II – C, with nine and 10.6 kilometers of extension, which are expected to be completed in 2016.

Source: DiarioLibre

June 11, 2015

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