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The proliferation of illegal lottery banks in the country is overwhelming

SANTO DOMINGO – The president of the National Federation of Lottery Banks, lic. Wilson de los Santos stated that the proliferation of illegal banks (bancas de loteria) has expanded so much that there is only left to install a bank at Cardinal Archbishop Nicholas Jesus Lopez Rodriguez in the Cathedral.

De los Santos, said Fenabanca has a legal record of 30,750 seats, then all the banks that are not on the register are illegal, regardless of the businesses that have taken place since the Ministry of Finance arrived at the scene.

He says that the Ministry of Finance is protecting thousands of lottery operating illegally in the country, violating the law regulation for gambling.

The regulator protects the operation of illegal banks, because they are Dominicans and all we know that nobody cares and we have sources which proves there was some responsible company established.
The federation of seats recognizes that the situation in the sector is getting worse, and there are associations that has empowered the situation and aim to prevent the Ministry of Finance from entering any territory in the country, something we do not agree. But when governments do not fulfill their laws, the people are forced to take laws in their hands.

“The country is out of control there are prosecutors who have illegal banks and people have never been seen in the industry and was known as the bat bankers, have thousands of seats and the law says that until 2021 there may not be new bancas. Given this scenario, the crisis is about to explode that apparently is what the Ministry wants”, – argued the president of Fenabanca.

The head of the Finance Ministry – Simon Lizardo – has only encouraged to violate the laws.
Now the goal is to remove licenses and to close illegal bancas. We would like to know how many there have been closed. We have deposited a complaint to the Ministry, just as they will have to explain to people the calls that have been made to prosecutors to stop such associations to act individually.

Fenabanca has no other way than confrontation.

Source: Dominicanosennoticias
Nov 20, 2015

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