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The PLD, PRD and PRSC will receive RD$644 million; PRM RD$6 million

SANTO DOMINGO. The Dominican Liberation, the Dominican Revolutionary and the Social Christian Reformist parties will receive this year a total of RD$644,034,768. Each party will receive RD$214,678,256.

The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM will only receive RD$6,485,255.87 which leaves it at a huge disadvantage against the traditional organizations.

The competition in the expenditures and propaganda, meetings and other events what’s the PRM and its allies of the Frente Amplio (Broad Front), which will receive RD$5,111,497.48 and the Dominican Humanist Party (PhD) which will receive RD$8,177,416.84, against the wall.

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) has established these amounts under the regulations of Law 275 – 97, and they are funds which are similar to those delivered in 2014.

During the election year of 2012, the PLD and the PRD received RD$373,628,049.33 each. For its part, the PRSC received RD$323,567,021.33.

The PRD, which was then the Dominican Social Alliance (ASD) receive that year RD$8,587,408.51.

The Alianza Pais party, which is headed by Guillermo Moreno and which now seeks to be recognized once again, received in 2012 RD$8,018,392.85.

Article 49 of Law 275 – 97 stipulates that in the General Budget of the Nation and the Law of Public Expenditures a fund equal to one half of 1% of the national income in the years of the general elections and one fourth of 1% in the years in which there are no general elections be assigned to the parties.

This means a great challenge for the PRM, which seeks to emerge as a majority party, starting in the next elections.

How will they do it?

The Secretary-General of the PRM, Jesus Vasquez Martinez, says that they are maintaining themselves with the contributions which to the leadership makes to the organization, and they are taking advantage of the social networks to promote their activities and proposals.

“Here we have been taking on an economic commitment with the party, each one of us contribute a quota to the party and we are working with the people, with the militants will contribute to their party any minimum amount of resources,” he expressed.

Vasquez noted that they work with a financial team in order to carry out innovative economic activities, in order to facilitate citizens cooperating with the expenditures of the party.

He assured the reporters that when the people take on a cause, such as it is his understanding they have done with the PRM, its resources will abound because the people have a lot of goodwill.

The distribution

The Law 275 – 97 establishes that 80% of the funds will be distributed in equal parts among the parties which obtain more than 5% of the valid votes cast in the last elections. It also establishes that the remaining 20% will be distributed in the following manner: 12% in equal parts for those parties which obtain less than 5% of the valid votes issued in the previous elections and those newly recognized if there were any. The remaining 8% will be distributed in proportion to the valid votes obtained by each one of the parties will obtain less than 5% of the valid votes cast in the last elections.

Source: DiarioLibre

June 23, 2015

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