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The Minister of Interior proposes non-resident visa because of low acceptance of normalization

SANTO DOMINGO. Due to the low number of persons who have accepted the National Plan of Normalization of Foreigners, the Minister of Interior and Police announced that he would propose the granting of a non-resident visa valid for 2 years.

José Ramon (Monchy) Fadul, explained that with this mechanism, the persons benefited could opt for an immigration category. The proposal will be done this month.

He said that as of last Friday only 123,045 persons had sought the shelter of some sort of immigration status through the Plan of Normalization, and that 5345 persons have accepted to comply with Law 169 – 14, created for persons born in Dominican territory and registered improperly in the Civil Registry.

The low acceptance, according to what he says, is due to the fact that the majority of the entities of the social – economic area of the country, have not wanted to provide labor certifications to the Haitians, and they refused to help them in the process of their normalization.

“A non-resident visa. This is our suggestion which we are going to discuss with the Chancellery and the other institutions in order that in this time the Dominican population will have a concept of the importance of normalizing the persons who are in the country, not only the Haitians, in order that they have an immigration status and can freely go about their activities,” he said as he participated in the program ‘El Despertador’ on Color Vision.

Regarding Law 169 – 14 which covers naturalization, Fadul warned that no extension will be granted, and that the deadline to apply for this protection ends at the end of this month.

Last October, the Senate passed into law the proposal which extended for 90 days the deadline established for the process of the special regime of naturalization, established in Law 169 – 14.

Source: DiarioLibre

UPDATED January 15, 2015: Fadul’s proposal rejected; others are cautious

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  1. Samson

    Sounds like a sensible idea but not aware of the objections.

  2. Alexa

    can turists stay with a norrmal visitor visa now 90 days? or 1-2 years by application?

  3. admin

    The visa proposal was not approved. Please read the updated version at the bottom of the article.

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