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The importance of enforcing law and order for everyone in the Dominican Republic

In his editorial in Diario Libre today, Monday 2 February 2015, Adriano Miguel Tejada stresses the importance of enforcing law and order for everyone in the Dominican Republic.

The point is made in response to reports of the fine imposed on US Secretary of State John Kerry for not cleaning the snow off his home sidewalk in Washington, D.C. Kerry was abroad on an official mission to Saudi Arabia to pay his respects following the death of the Saudi King.

“That is the fundamental difference between our two countries,” writes Tejada.

“How many of you believe that a Dominican minister or colonel would pay the fine, and not eat alive the idiot who fined him? When will the law be the same for everyone in our country?” he asks.

He comments: “Because here, instead of applying the law, what we have done is democratize impunity. You do not have to be a general or legislator or a minister to escape justice. Now it is enough to be affiliated to a transporters’ association, or at the service of contract killer, or a politician, to be untouchable, or to easily escape the weak arm of the law.”

He concludes: “All civilizations that have failed, have done so due to the deterioration of law and order. Will we need a dictatorship to fix this country? I sincerely hope not.”

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

February 2, 2015

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