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The Government tightens its belt; restricts trips and use of vehicles

SANTO DOMINGO. President Danilo Medina ordered yesterday a series of measures for the rational use of public resources. Among these are restrictions for travel by officials overseas, the purchase of vehicles and the prohibition of their use in political activities.

By means of Circular PR – IN – 2015 – 19,141, the Chief of State instructed officials that for international trips the officials are strictly limited to those related with presidential priorities.

The circular also authorizes trips for verifiable obligatory commitments, contracted by their institutions, but the expenses should be covered in the budget assigned for this end in the respective institutions.

In order to travel, an official should send a request for permission to travel to the Administrative Ministry of the Presidency at least 10 days before the departure date from the country.

The presidential circular is signed by the Minister of the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo and is addressed to the ministers, administrators, director generals, executives and superintendents.

Zero proselytizing

Regarding the use of state of vehicles, the circular “absolutely prohibits” all public employees from using vehicles or any other resource in any sort of proselytizing activity. They alert officials in order that they take the necessary provisions for the fulfillment of this disposition.

Purchase of vehicles

Another measure ordered by the Government in order to rationalize the use of public resources has to do with the purchase of vehicles. They established that for the purchase of a vehicle they should file a request to the Administrative Ministry of the Presidency, who will have to authorize it.

The request should be justified and in fulfillment of the regulations regarding size and cost of acquisition established in Circular PR – IN – 2013 – 34,181, of 20 December, by the Administrative Minister.

The circular establishes that the ministers can acquire a vehicle of up to US$60,000 which uses diesel fuel, has no more than six cylinders and 3500 cc and up to US$40,000 if it uses gasoline, with the same engine size.

An old measure

The administration of President Danilo Medina has been characterized for adopting austerity measures. Seven days after his inauguration as President, on 22 August 2012, the Government ordered a plan of control for expenditures which included the appraisal and later sale of vehicles with large engines.

They also prohibited credit cards, excepting those of the president, vice president, ministers and the Central Bank.

Another prohibition was that of the Christmas festivities, the presenting of baskets, excepting those going to poor families, which by custom were delivered by the government in power. They also called for the reduction to a minimum of trips overseas by officials, as well as the use of fuels.

Source: DiarioLibre

July 8, 2015

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