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The DR recalls its ambassador to Haiti; a protest note is sent

SANTO DOMINGO. The Dominican government protested last night the aggression to which the Dominican consulate in Haiti was subjected to by demonstrators which carried out a protest march against an alleged Dominican racism.

In an urgently called press conference, Dominican Chancellor Andres Navarro, said that the country cannot except under any circumstances the aggressions which the consular headquarters received.

“A group of persons not only threw stones against the installations of our consulate, but they also broke inside the property, and dare to take the Dominican flag from its poll and pretended to mutilated and burn it,” he added.

He made it clear that the aggression was not an act led by the Haitian government upon whom he called for a clear and responsible show of support be given in order to stop the violent incidents against Dominican interests in Haiti.

He explained that the Dominican government has been prudent and patient in the face of this violence.

Nevertheless, he warned the Haitian authorities that patients has its limits, “and we have shown before the world that we have carried out the greatest of efforts in order to maintain a productive, healthy and respectful relationship with the Haitian government.”

The Chancellor reported that the Dominican government recalled its ambassador in Port-au-Prince for consultations, and sent a diplomatic note of protest for yesterday’s violent incidents.

He explained that the Dominican Republic has been the victim of an international campaign accusing it of racism, contrary to the solidarity which the Dominican people and government have shown to Haiti.

Racism is rejected

The Minister of Foreign Relations, Andres Navarro, said yesterday that the criminal actions which have occurred over the last days in the country against two Haitian nationals who were found murdered, besides the robbery of the residence of the Haitian ambassador, Fritz Cineas are isolated incidents which the Dominican authorities will immediately and strongly responded to, and that in no way are part of an official policy of the Dominican government, so that he said “any accusation of racism and xenophobia with regard to this neighboring nation was unacceptable.”

The official expressed himself in these terms in a letter of protest in answer to another letter sent by his Haitian counterpart, Pierre Duly Brutus, in which he accuses the Dominican Republic of applying racist policies.

Source: DiarioLibre

February 26, 2015

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