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The building regulations are continually violated in Cabarete

PUERTO PLATA Although since 2013 the authorities have promised an “iron fist” against employers who illegally erect buildings in the resort community of Cabarete, unfortunately these announcements are only words blown with the wind, because as has been denounced official regulations on building are violated constantly.

According to the report published in the portal “Cabarete News” two weeks ago, the Hotel Villa Taina located in the center of Cabarete was three stories as indicated by the resolution of the Ministry of Tourism, therefore decided to build a fourth floor illegally on the grounds that their owners received a letter of no objection from the District Board of Cabarete to build only a terrace on the roof, supposedly to correct a leak but no way they could make authorized rooms.
It is noted that this strategy is always used by construction companies in Cabarete, those seeking permission to make repairs as authorized then transgress, then do other things, which is why many people in this tourist resort wonder why do a presidential decree and a resolution of the Ministry of Tourism, if the authorities themselves do not apply.

Last week it was denounced that the fourth floor of the Hotel Villa Taina was built illegally, but authorities in Cabarete Tourism Ministry and the District Board, did nothing to stop this work, although citizens presented the photographs and videos of workers working for three consecutive days, scaffolding and a crane-up concrete pumps that ended chuck plate of the fourth level.

In Cabarete there are many projects that were built  illegally and local authorities apparently close their eyes whenever a situation of that nature presents.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

Oct 7, 2015

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  1. Alexa

    It┬┤s important to protest against it, because we all agree that Cabarete should not look like Mini Miami one day.

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