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The authorities decide to investigate the case of the illegal Haitian settlement

Santo Domingo. Government authorities have decided to appoint a commission to investigate the migration statues of around 1,200 Haitians, for whom a Canadian Foundation, The Samaritan has built around 250 home in Montellano, Puerto Plata.

The Deputy Minister of Naturalization and Migration has said that in the next few days, members of the Ministry of Interior and Police will go to the settlement to investigate the case.

Luis Fernandez, explained to DL that on Wednesday they are planning to meet to finish deciding who will form part of the commission.

“It will happen as soon as possible, we still have not planned what form the removal will take but the commission will decide the details. It will not be a large commission, probably just three of four people”, he specified.

He said that when the commission was complete they would decide when they would travel to the community.

The decision to set up the commission was announced yesterday by the Minister of Interior and Police, Jose Ramon Fadul, who having read the report “Canadians construct a settlement for illegal Haitians,” written by DL considered it to be unbelievable and a violation of the migration laws that a foreign and nongovernmental organization should provide housing to illegal foreigners. He warned that from 30 June in this year, foreigners who have not taken part in the National Regularization Plan will be deported, “whether they have a house or not”.

PRSC deplores the act

The president of the Social Christian Reform Party (PRCS), Federico Antun Batlle, deplores the fact that they are building housing in the Dominican Republic for people who are not complying with the legal requirements.

“If it is to help the poor and build houses for the poor, we respect that, if it is to settle illegals we fully reject that because this country had to be respected and no one who is here illegally, where they are so many Dominicans who need homes, we cannot give them to foreigners who are in the country illegally”, said Antun.

He said that he did not know that the PRSC councilor in Sosua, Arismendi Medina, had agreed to give these homes to illegals. “I know that he has been building homes for years and looks to help poor people”, he confirmed.

The embassy does not respond

The Canadian embassy in the country said that it had no comment either for or against the community which they had set up in Montellano.

In a phone call made by DL to the embassy, who answered via the receptionist, they stated that they knew about the publication, but had nothing to say about the matter.

The call was looking to dispel the doubts surrounding the reason as to why Canadians, members of The Samaritan foundation, built around 250 homes on Dominican soil for illegal Haitians and did not build them in Haiti.

Press reports show that in October 2014, the president of the Democratic Christian Union (UDC) in Barahona, alerted the intention of the Canadian Ambassador in the country to set up a refuge for illegal Haitians in that province and other places around the country.

The conversation with the Embassy, but they refused to give their name…

Q. Are we speaking to someone who can speak on behalf of the Canadian Embassy?

A. This is the Political Department at the Canadian Embassy.

Q. But I would like to know on whose behalf you are speaking and if I can speak directly to him or her?

A. I do not have the right to give you that information and we cannot give out names.

Q. But do you know of the publication?

A. Yes, according to what I have been told.

Q. Who am I speaking to please?

A. I cannot give you that information either. This is the man on reception, but I cannot give you my name.

Q. And they told you that a journalist from DL wanted to speak to them?

A. Yes, and I gave them that information and the answer is there are no comments about the matter, neither positive nor negative, and they know about the publication you refer to but they have no comments.

They are asking for the intervention of the Executive Branch

Santo Domingo. The president of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), Miguel Vargas Maldonado, senators and deputies have asked for the immediate intervention of the authorities to stop the building of houses in Sosua and Puerto Plata as they are being lived in by illegal Haitians.

Referring to the information printed by Diario Libre yesterday, Vargas, also the PRD presidential candidate said it was a major contradiction that countries which financed these Non Government Organizations (NGOs) to build these houses on Dominican territory are the same who stop the entry of illegal Haitians into their own countries. “This is something incredible which has happened under the very noses of the authorities, and the government is doing nothing to make them respect our Constitution and our laws. This housing project is illegal and unconstitutional and the PRD is calling for its immediate suspension”, he said.

Senator Dionis Sanchez said that there are no political refugees in the country and that this housing project is a violation of the Constitution.

He asked if the Canadian government had allowed similar projects in the country. He said that The Samaritan Foundation should have undertaken the project in Haiti where there were many who needed it.

The PRM Deputy Cristian Encarnacion agreed with him and said that in Haiti was where they really needed this type of project. He reminded that in Haiti there were still thousands of victims after the 2010 earthquake.

Senator Adriano Sanchez Roa questioned the “settlements of illegal foreigners”.

The National Progressive Force said that they would present an appeal to ask for the dissolution of this foundation. Vinicio Castillo said that they would ask them to withhold the funds that they received.

Source: DiarioLibre

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