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The AMET seizes 1300 vehicles without stickers

SD. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) reported yesterday that so far they have retained more than 1300 vehicles for infraction of Law 241 (regarding traffic) because the owners of the vehicles have not renewed the marbetes on their vehicles for 2014 – 2015.

Diego Pesqueira, the AMET spokesman, said that the operation of checking vehicles will continue firmly until the Directorate General of Internal Taxes (DGI I) confirms that all the vehicles traveling on the roads have their marbetes renewed.

The great majority of the fines imposed on drivers for violating the Traffic Law have taken place on the principle streets and avenues of Greater Santo Domingo.

Although some have already paid the RD$600 late fee, the process of returning their vehicles has been slow because it coincided with the weekend and holiday, according to Pesqueira’s explanation.

The AMET spokesman reported also that in the last 24 hours more than 2500 motorcycles have been seized because they lack license plates or lights, or because the driver did not have his helmet, or because they were carrying more than 2 persons on a motorcycle or because they were carrying heavy objects on the motorcycle.

At the main gate of the old El Coco dog racing track, on Monumental Avenue, several motoconcho drivers were complaining of “abuses” which according to them AMET agents and police have committed, because they took their motorcycles, even when they were in front of their houses or parked and with the documents up to date.

Richard Domingo Rosario, who insisted that he had his documents up to date, will have to pay an RD$1000 fine in order to get his motorcycle, which he uses as a motoconcho in the Los Guaricanos sector of Villa Mella.

Regarding these complaints, Diego Pesqueira said that “it doesn’t matter if there it (the motorcycle) is going around in the barrio, in the barrio they can also have crashes and put lives in danger.”

He added that with the motorcycle drivers, instead of relaxing they are going to get firmer, and he said that “come hell or high water, motorcycle drivers are going to use helmets.”

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