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The alliance between PLD and PRD will leave little room for new candidates

SANTO DOMINGO. The agreement between the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) and the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) obliges the ruling party to re-nominate 41 deputies, 57 mayors and 82 directors of municipal districts which belong to the political organization headed by Miguel Vargas.

This leaves still less room for new candidates on the PLD ticket, since it will have to re-nominate the 92 mayors, 140 directors of municipal districts, 30 Senators and 102 deputies, as a result of the internal pact between President Danilo Medina and the PLD President Leonel Fernandez.

Added to this are the Senator from Sanchez Ramirez, Felix Vasquez, the seven deputies, mayors and directors of municipal districts which belong to the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC) which already sent its legislators to support reelection and they expect “signals” for the “government of national unity.”

The mid-level PRD leadership as well as the leaders of the party base are waiting for the explanations which the president of the party will provide tomorrow regarding the process of alliance with the PLD.

It is expected that this week Miguel Vargas convenes the party’s ruling bodies such as the Political Commission and a national plenary of leaders that would avoid a “hemorrhaging” of resignations that has begun in this political organization.

The Secretary-General of the PRD, Tony Pena Guaba, said that although he doesn’t support the alliance at the presidential level, he would not return to the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM). “The hatreds and the egos did more than reason and strategy,” he said.

He condemned the lack of interest by the leaders of the PRM for an alliance with the PRD, and he said that one excuse not to do this was that they feared that once reunified the majority of the votes would be expressed in the box number one of the PRD. (On the ballots)

“They rejected an agreement with the PRD which was the only party that could permit, being on the ballot as number one, them to compete on equal terms with the government and I believe that it was a very serious error by the PRM not to deal with the PRD,” emphasized the PRD leader.

PLD members “in limbo”

The former Vice President of the Republic, Rafael Alburquerque and Cesar Pina Toribio, both members of the Political Committee of the PLD stated they did not know the terms of the pact which would be reached with the PRD.

Alburquerque a said that with relation to the supposedly agreement (he is in limbo,” because he is still not been informed of anything concrete.

Source: DiarioLibre

June 9, 2015

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