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Still no information on losses for Saturday’s blackout

SANTO DOMINGO. It is still not known what the economic costs were which were caused by the nationwide blackout that affected the country last Saturday night. The blackout, according to the authorities, was due to an explosion and a fire in the Itabo substation (in Haina), and caused problems for large part of the population.

In this sense, the vice president of the Dominican Corporation of State – owned Electricity Enterprises (CDEEE), Ruben Jimenez Bichara, said that by tomorrow, possibly, they will have determined the probable consequences of the blackout which kept a large part of the population awake on Saturday night, and especially the technicians, who managed to reestablish electricity service in many areas six hours after the problem began.

At 1 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday, Jimenez Bichara reported that the electric service was providing 84% of demand and that the sectors that were without service where due to the established program. According to the investigations by the experts of the Department of Engineers and Technicians of the Energy Control Center of the CDEEE, the explosion was due to contamination and a lack of maintenance of this substation, which is under the management of the EGEItabo generating company.

According to the report released by the CDEEE, the technicians found that the effects of the breakdown were transferred to the entire National Interconnected Electric System (SENI), causing the cascade of shutdowns among the generators, due to the fact that the substation affected does not have the necessary differential protection that insulated it in cases such as what happened on Saturday. “The effects of the breakdown flowed throughout the entire SENI due to the fact that that substation did not have the differential protection which serves to insulate it. The installation of this protection, as well as the maintenance of the substation was under the responsibility of the EGEItabo company,” indicates the report.

They explained that the collapse of the system, which occurred at 10:03 at night, had other contributing factors, such as the shutdown of Quisqueya II, which belongs to Barrick Gold, a few minutes after the breakdown occurred, “which denotes that its protection are more sensitive than the rest of the generating units and transmission lines of the SENI.”

Nonetheless, the Haina Electricity Generating Company (EGEHaina) reported that the plants Quisqueya I and Quisqueya II and the Haina Turbo Gas were not tied to the blackout that affected the country on Saturday night, 16 May.

“In the case of the Quisqueya I and Quisqueya II generators, the company said that both were functioning normally on Saturday night until the disconnection suffered by the national system, which automatically produced the shutdown of their units,” says EGEHaina in a press release.

The blackout produced complaints and commentaries by many people through the social networks. But in relation with public safety, the National Police reported that Saturday night did not produce a large amount of crimes that could be attributed to the general blackout.

Source: DiarioLibre

May 18, 2015

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