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Southern area of ​​Puerto Plata needs its streets paved

PUERTO PLATA – Main streets in various sectors located in the southern part of the capital municipality Puerto Plata are impassable, for which its inhabitants are demanding from the municipal authorities to dive it a facelift and solve this problem.
The citizen Ignacio Balbuena said that residents in Buenos Aires, Geneva Arzeno and other surrounding areas are disappointed by the failure of the mayor Walter Musa who promised them three years ago that the local council would pave their streets, which unfortunately has not happened yet.
Also, the motoconchista Narciso Cabrera explained that the failure of the authorities is something incredible, to the point that Walter Musa and aldermen of the City of Puerto Plata only those sweeps are presented during election campaigns and as always only makes promises.
The college student Carlota Henriquez recalled that political leaders and officials of the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), never satisfied with what they offer to the population, as in the election campaign of 2012, paving of every street was promised to the inhabitants in the different sectors of the southern area of ​​Puerto Plata, which three years later is still not materialized.
Furthermore, the complainants indicated that due to the lack of paved streets people are being affected by respiratory problems that send each time to the hospital, as the dust rising by the wind into a serious threat to them because their roads were not paved as promised by the authorities.
Source: Puerto Plata Digital
August 12, 2015

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