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Sosúa river used as a landfill

To the annoyance of many local residents, the Sosúa river is again in full use as a garbage dump. Because of the prolonged drought, although it rained a little last week in Sosúa, the river has almost dried up. Yes, on the south side of the island, hurricane Erika caused some heavy rain fall, but on the north coast, there were some gusts of wind, but there was not that much rain. In August last year Mayor Ilana Neumann ordered to clean up the river. The volunteers retrieved hundreds of kilos of waste, met mostly consisting of plastic bottles, packaging and food containers from the river. But all calls to the residents who live along the river, not to use the river as a garbage bin didn’t have any effect. Now the river is almost dry, the mountains of garbage become again poignantly visible, to the annoyance of environmentally concerned residents.
All those calls not to use the river as a garbage bin seem to have been meaningless.
Source: Sosua mi Pueblo

Sep 7, 2015

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