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Six rivers are completely dry in several municipalities of Puerto Plata

PUERTO PLATA. About six rivers that irrigate the lands of several municipalities in this province are dry because of the prolonged drought, and the constant extraction of building materials by companies and individuals.

Benjamin Aragon, secretary of the Cattlemen’s Association in Luperon municipality said that the dry rivers are: Bajabonico, Navas, Caonao, CabĂ­a, Unijica y Obispo with their lagoons and boreholes.
“Now that President Danilo Medina is changing officials, is the best time to dismiss all officers of Environment in this province, as they have done nothing to prevent our rivers and streams disappear by removing materials from their beds and drought, “he said.

He said that currently in the beds of these rivers you can practice any sport, because they are dry, and in some sections puddles are observed. He said the situation in Luperon and other municipalities is alarming, given the lack of water, which means that area should declare a state of emergency. He also appealed to the president to come to the aid of farmers and agricultural producers.
Many farmers are selling their livestock at the prices of a dead cow,” he said Aragones. The result of lack of rain, said disappeared on growing corn, soybeans and other agricultural items.
For his part, Angel Hernandez, leader of the borough livestock Strait, reported that dozens of heads of cattle have been sold by their owners due to the difficulties of feeding them. He also reported that due to lack of water and food for cows, fresh milk production has fallen by more than 60 percent.

Farmers said they used to get 200 thousand liters of milk, now only 450 liters. Completely dry grasslands look as if they had caught fire.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

August 6, 2015

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  1. Samson

    What is the answer? More reservoirs?

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