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Siamese twins are born in Santiago

SANTIAGO. The Siamese twins, joined by the thorax and the abdomen, born last Tuesday in the José Maria Cabral y Baez Regional University Hospital in Santiago, are stable as is their mother Marianela Abreu, 26.

This was the information released in a press communiqué sent to the media yesterday by the administration of the Doctor Arturo Grullon Children’s Hospital, where the little girls were hospitalized.

The hospital’s communiqué says that the union will not represent a problem for separating the babies surgically, since they do not share either the heart or the stomach.

“The newborns have an omphalocele, which is a type of defect in the abdominal wall and the intestine is covered by a membrane. For right now we are considering surgery, but first they will have to undergo different specialized studies before deciding what the next step to take will be,” indicates the press note.

The mother, Marianela Abreu, who is from La Vega, had a normal birth after 36 weeks of pregnancy. The birth was by C-section last Tuesday afternoon, 28 April, with a total weight of 5 kg between the two, reported Doctor Austria de la Rosa, the director of the Cabral y Baez Hospital.

Source: DiarioLibre

April 30, 2015

UPDATE: Health of Siamese twins born in Santiago hospital deteriorates

SANTIAGO. The health of the Siamese twins born in Santiago on Tuesday 28 April began to get complicated since yesterday, according to a medical report issued by the director of the Doctor Arturo Grullon Children’s Hospital, where they have hospitalized since their birth.

Doctor Rosa Morel, the hospital director, explained that the girls have an anomaly from pregnancy, classifying the case is highly complex and of a reserved prognosis. “Tthe Department of Cardiology has reported that there is a duplicity of hearts with a communication between both, each one of the four cavities and inter-ventricular communication, and enlarged aorta artery, severe pulmonary stenosis with a very small pulmonary artery,” says the report.

The director of the children’s hospital said that “at the abdominal level the Siamese twins present a single liver, two gallbladders and a shared aorta artery. And they also show a single umbilical cord with physical deformations.”

The information was available after submitting the babies to several tests by a medical treatment team that was headed by cardiologist Hilario Ramirez.

Doctor Morel said that when the Siamese twins arrived they were in stable condition and without respiratory difficulties, but during the night of 29 April they began to have respiratory deficiencies.

Regarding Marianela Abreu, 26, the mother of the little girls, she is still hopeful for positive results from the analysis and ongoing studies of the girls. The little girls were born in the José Maria Cabral y Baez Regional University Hospital.

Source: DiarioLibre

May 1, 2015

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